New Jersey Based Idan Foods Is Frying Up New Breading Strategies

New Jersey Based Idan Foods Is Frying Up New Breading Strategies

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are vegan, gluten free, paleo, or even pescatarian, everybody can have a use for breading. Which is why Idan Foods was started by their commitment to breading, specifically their Texas Fried Chicken Breading.

Giorgio Nadi, the founder and President of Idan Foods understood the common interest there would be in a product as versatile as breading. Total Food Service sat down with Giorgio to learn more about Idan and what they are bringing to the table.

Nadi spent his childhood around fried chicken with his father who was engrained in the fried chicken industry, he had many fried chicken restaurants and a franchise called Texas Fried Chicken. So after a small stint in finance Nadi knew he needed to switch gears to follow something that was fulfilling.

“This industry allows me to create new products that help people achieve their goals and seeing that work gives me satisfaction,” Nadi added.

After stepping out on his own in 2010, Nadi created Idan Packaging nuzzled in a small space in the Bronx with two key products which were salt and pepper packets, and the Texas Fried Chicken breading. Now in 2017 Idan has rebranded into Idan Foods and continues to grow in size and regionally. In fact as of June 30th, Idan will be doubling their size with a new facility. Idan has also expanded their product line with their baking mixes.

Idan Foods breading brand Texas Fried Chicken Breading as of right now is a foodservice only product. With a long history in the industry from the Texas Fried Chicken franchise, the breading has a lot of name recognition. People are familiar with Texas Fried Chicken Breading and its unique southwest flavor and its beautiful golden color. Idan Foods doesn’t limit themselves either, Idan creates other proprietary breading for food franchises.

Breading will always be the core focus of Idan Food but Idan has expanded their product line with their line of baking mixes. “With the knowledge and food background that I have, I was able to create many different flavors and mixes. We can even create custom mixes, let’s say you want a red velvet macadamia cake we can make that no problem,” Nadi added. The ability to offer fully customizable baking mixes and add it to a dry mix is what Idan does best.

If you are a food chain, food distributor, or food franchise Idan can create custom dry mix blends catered to your specific needs. So if you are looking for custom or private label blending for your food system you can contact Idan Foods directly on their new website, or simply give them a good old fashioned phone call at (973) 423-4900.

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