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Custom Batters/Breaders Product Development

Custom Batters/Breaders Product Development

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Our batters and breaders can be combined with moisture or applied directly to your ingredients to create your ideal taste profile.

Additionally, we create batters and breaders that have various textures and sensory aspects that give you that exact crunch or aesthetic that you are looking for.

Unlike our competitors, we directly work with companies of all sizes to help them achieve their goal of creating the perfect mix for their system. Our dedicated team focuses entirely on the customer to make sure we identify and accomplish the exact end result that you are looking for.

Custom Breading Service We Provided

We completed a project that required us to formulate new breadings for a fried chicken chain. We worked diligently with their corporate chefs to identify exactly what flavor/texture/consistency they were looking for. Our R and D takes all of the customers’ preferences and desires, then translates them into the exact product they were after. In this case, we tested over 15 breadings so as to get them the most unique and creative product. After perfecting the final product, the company is now selling a variety of fried foods using the various breadings throughout their 60 unit franchise.

Batters / Breaders Product Reviews

Love the Breading!

The custom breading is working out great. The adjustment to our recipe you helped with has really increase restaurant orders. We look forward to seeing what you can do for our other products.
- Marcus L.

Solved Blow off

The R & D team helped us identify weaknesses in our franchise's fried chicken program and now we have some of the best fried chicken in the country! Thanks Idan!
- Tim D.