Food Coatings

Idan has a number of clear coating products for french fries and other fried foods. The function of these coating is multipurpose for fried foods manufacturers. Our coatings are designed to increase holding times of fried foods while still maintaining their crisp and crunch. Our coatings for french fries and other fried foods are designed […]

Khyber ® and Khyber Express® Fried Chicken Breading

This breading enhances fried chicken with herbs and heat to give a truly addictive fried chicken. Khyber breading brings the heat without the burn to keep your tastebuds yearning for another bite. With herbs like thyme and sage the flavor of your fried chicken will be unique and savory and keep your customers coming back […]

PC Salt & Pepper Packets Manufacturer

About the product Idan Salt & Pepper packets can be customized to include individual customer’s logos and branding. Idan Foods manufactures Happy Face Salt and Pepper Packets for broadline distribution, foodservice, and institutional customers.

Spicy Fried Chicken Breadings

Idan Foods’ Spicy Breading makes frying chicken easy and saves you time from having to blend your own breadings & spices. Our Spicy Breader is a secret blend of breading, spices and plenty of heat for customers who like to kick it up a notch. Use this versatile blend to coat chicken legs & wings, […]

Texas Fried Chicken Breading

About the product Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the one and only Texas Fried Chicken Breading™. This coveted blend of secret herbs and spices is guaranteed to take your fried chicken, buffalo wings, fried fish, and even onion rings to a whole new level of deliciousness. With just one bag of this […]