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We Develop & Manufacture Custom Seasonings Solutions for Snack Food Manufacturers

We develop premium seasonings that are relevant and innovative to market trends for potato chip, popcorn, bagel chips and many other snack foods manufacturers.

Our team has experience building food production lines for snack food products, giving us understanding in the challenges of developing and implementing these systems. We help businesses improve production results, costs and labor processes, ultimately adding value to your bottom line. We commonly solve problems related to the manufacturing process, suppliers and cost reduction by consulting and then engaging clients, identifying issues and building custom solutions to food design and production problems.

In a world of adulterated ingredients and product recalls, Idan believes integrity and food safety are a top priority. Our suppliers go through a rigorous approval process that requires all products have finished product microbiological and pathogen testing, adhering to our SQF Level II certification.


Case Studies

Problem: Labor Intensive Process/Batch Consistency

Many companies find that having line workers blend and batch seasonings difficult. Training, labor costs and human error can all effect final product outcomes. Sometimes its a control issue: problems managing staff, controlling production costs or keeping up to date with industry regulations and technology.

Solution: Dedicated Attention to Detail & Consistency

Idan focuses on production consistency so that our customers do not have to. We have a dedicated and professional team and proven processes to run client food systems. With consistent processing and fanatical quality assurance, we accurately produce custom blends for clients with virtually zero variation between batches.

Problem: Insufficient Food Safety Plan

Product recalls, food born illness and evolving food safety regulations are an everyday concern for the modern day food manufacturer.

Solution: Idan Foods is SQF Level 2 Certified

Idan stays ahead of the curve in regards to federal regulations to make sure our clients do not fall victim to these issues. Our commitment to improving our programs (supplier verification program, our internal risk assessments and our allergen control program) keep your company up to date with the ever changing rules and regulations of the food safety regulations that matter to you.

Problem: Product Matching

One of our potato chip customers needed to match their new “Onion & Chive” flavor product to a competitor.

Solution: Improving on Competition

We have a confidential reverse engineering product matching process we use to back into your control product. With this process we can duplicate a brand or generic seasoning. With the potatoe chip customer, we ended up matching the product and then improving it. The Client’s product sales have gone through the roof.

Better Business Seasonings for Snack Food Manufacturers

We have over 30 years of experience providing potato chip, popcorn and other snack foods seasonings to snack food companies and food processors. This experience has given us the capability to help you with your seasoning problems. With our expert knowledge in food science and manufacturing, we understand the importance of deadlines, costs savings, and delivering the highest quality final product. There are all common problems we solve for customers on a regular basis.

Our seasonings range from classic flavors like “Barbecue” and “Ranch” to “out-of-the-box” seasonings like “Caramelized Onion & Gruyere Cheese”. Our seasonings provide your products with the exact flavor profile your customers want.

Food safety is our top priority. All of our products are manufactured in our SQF Level II certified facility and we have a deep network of industry suppliers/distributors.

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