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Pancake & Waffle Mix Manufacturer

Bain-Marie Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix makes serving up a hearty breakfast or satisfying meal, anytime throughout the day, so easy. This blend makes light & fluffy pancakes and waffles, with a homemade taste that will have them coming back for more. Making light and fluffy pancakes and waffles has never been easier…just add water! Serve your pancakes and waffles on their own, or enhance the final presentation with syrup, butter, fruit or powdered sugar. Whichever way this versatile mix is prepared and served, your customers are sure to be satisfied.

Cornbread Mix

Bain-Marie Cornbread Mix makes baking easy and saves you time, while still offering a homemade from-scratch taste. This classic cornbread mix has a deliciously sweet taste with a tender texture, no excessive crumbling here! This mix will yield a moist cornbread every time.

Cornbread can be served with chili, barbecued dishes and hearty soups & stews. It can also be served as a tasty start to any meal with biscuits or other bread. Make some creative additions to the mix by adding shredded cheddar cheese, grilled corn, chopped jalapeño peppers, or your favorite fresh herb for a tasty twist. Whichever way this versatile cornbread mix is prepared and served, your customers are sure to be satisfied!

PC Salt & Pepper Packets Manufacturer

About the product

  • 3000 Individual Packets of Salt & Pepper
  • Perfect for Catering, Food Service, Lunch, Camping and More
  • Convenient Single Serving Size
  • Great for Fast Casual Restaurants and Food Delivery Services
  • Ideal for Seasoning your Food on the Go
Idan Salt & Pepper packets can be customized to include individual customer’s logos and branding. Idan Foods manufactures “Happy Face Salt and Pepper Packets”, packages and ships them across North America. Idan aims to deliver the best possible value to their customers by focusing on the salt and pepper aspect of portion control condiment. Our capabilities include supplying very large volume customers with all of their salt and pepper packets at a competitive price.

Spicy Fried Chicken Breading Manufacturer

Idan Foods’ Spicy Breading makes frying chicken easy and saves you time from having to blend your own breadings & spices. Our Spicy Breader is a secret blend of breading, spices and plenty of heat for customers who like to kick it up a notch. Use this versatile blend to coat chicken legs & wings, as well as chicken thighs & breasts, to make the most flavorful fried chicken packed with plenty of heat. Our Spicy Breader can also be used on deep fried fish or vegetables for menu items that are sure to please any customer looking for that extra flavor. This blend is perfect on its own or can be used as a base to produce a unique breading that can enhance your signature menu item.

Khyber ® and Khyber Express® Fried Chicken Breading

This breading enhances fried chicken with herbs and heat to give a truly addictive fried chicken. Khyber breading brings the heat without the burn to keep your tastebuds yearning for another bite. With herbs like thyme and sage the flavor of your fried chicken will be unique and savory and keep your customers coming back for more.

Food Coatings

Idan has a number of clear coating products for french fries and other fried foods. The function of these coating is multipurpose for fried foods manufacturers. Our coatings are designed to increase holding times of fried foods while still maintaining their crisp and crunch. Our coatings for french fries and other fried foods are designed to allow for increased holding time after the menu items are fully cooked regardless of the restaurant’s fully cooked holding methods. These coatings can be anywhere from light, airy and invisible, to dense, heavy and crunchy. Please contact us so that we can help you find the coating blend that is appropriate for you.

Texas Fried Chicken Breading

About the product

  • Classic flavor for fried chicken and wings
  • Perfect for fried chicken, wings and fried fish
  • One bag – 5 lbs.
  • Fried chicken breading
Texas Fried Chicken Breading is Idan’s signature brand food product and a unique family recipe that creates beloved and highly sought-after fried chicken. Texas Fried Chicken Breading is made from a blend of secret herbs and spices to create zesty fried menu items that are sure to be memorable. Whether it be fried chicken, buffalo wings, fried fish, shrimp or even onion rings, Texas Fried Chicken Breading can do it all. Texas Fried Chicken Breading is a fully seasoned coating that will create a flavorful fried chicken with a unique reddish color. Texas Fried Chicken Breading gives restaurateurs the ability to create a consistent and uniform tasting fried chicken without the need of additional seasoning. Idan is the producer and distributor of Texas Fried Chicken Breading which is carried in over 1000 restaurants. The total cases we manufacture and sell of Texas Fried Chicken Breading (more…)