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We Develop & Manufacture Custom Breadings & Seasonings Solutions for Restaurant Systems

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Fried Chicken Product Development & Manufacturing Experts

We are experts in the fried chicken, breading and helping multi-unit franchise businesses with fried chicken product development and manufacturing. Our products improve the adhesion of the breading, increase post-frying hold times, and achieve the unique flavor profiles your customers love. All of our products are meticulously manufactured in our SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level II certified facility.

We commonly solve problems related to color, texture, flavor and cost by consulting with clients to determine their problems and then engaging with them to develop customized solutions to their fried chicken problems.


Case Studies

Problem: Color

Sometimes the color of fried chicken can be too dark and blotchy causing inconsistent coloring. This can make some parts of the product look uncooked while other parts look cooked. Sometimes all of the color is too dark and needs to be lighter.

Better Ingredients, Even Distribution and Temperature Reduction

There are many possible solutions to color problems with Fried Chicken. One of the problems can be with certain ingredients from your breading/batter system. Some ingredients have properties that will cause a Maillard reaction to occur at different times therein causing too much darkening. One of the challenges is getting the Maillard reaction to occur at the right time without under cooking the underlying substrate. Sometimes ingredients are not distributed properly in the batter resulting in blotchy coloring and other associated color problems. One might try reducing the temperature of the oil or filtering the oil more frequently.


Problem: Texture

For some clients, the texture of their fried chicken is oily, not crispy enough, or too dense with too much coat in spots or in general.

Proper Ingredients and Cooking Temperatures

The first factor to consider is ensuring the ingredients are optimal for fried chicken breading. Avoid missing ingredients that assist in elevating the fried chicken texture. The second factor to consider is the oil temperature. The oil needs to be heated to the proper temperature before cooking. Lastly, the cooking oil needs to come back to the proper frying temperature before continued frying.


Problem: Adhesion

Some clients have problems with the breading falling off when the fried chicken is sitting in a warmer. Another related problem is when the fried chicken is missing breading in spots after the frying process. This problem occurs when there is too little breading adhering to the chicken.

Calibrate Batter System Input

The solution is to change the ingredients in your batter system. Another adjustment that can solve adhesion problems is to ensure the cooking oil is heated to an optimal temperature. Another factor to adjust is the amount of moisture in the breading system. Too much or too little moisture can cause adhesion problems.

We are the company you can trust to develop and deliver customized breadings and seasonings solutions of exceptional flavor and quality.


We Help Franchises Fix Fried Chicken

With over 30 years of experience of helping multi-unit franchise businesses with fried chicken product development and manufacturing, we have the capabilities to help you with your fried chicken problems. We have expert knowledge in food product development and manufacturing allowing us to create the perfect blend for you.

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