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We Develop & Manufacture Customized Restaurant-Style Breading Systems and Seasonings

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Fried Chicken Product Development & Manufacturing Experts

We are experts in the fried chicken, breading and helping multi-unit franchise businesses with fried chicken product development and manufacturing.

Our products improve the adhesion of the breading, increase post-frying hold times, and achieve the unique flavor profiles your customers love. All of our products are meticulously manufactured in our SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level II certified facility.

We commonly solve problems related to color, texture, flavor and cost by consulting with clients to determine their problems and then engaging them to develop customized solutions to their fried chicken problems.


Case Studies



Sometimes the color of fried chicken can be too dark and blotchy causing inconsistent coloring. This can make some parts of the product look uncooked. Sometimes all of the color is too dark and needs to be lighter.


Better Ingredients, Understand the Root-cause for the browning

Ingredients functionality will impact the color of the final product.  Cooking temperature plays a huge role in the development of the final color.  However, browning can occur without any heat source.

Our trained staff will pinpoint factors that optimize the final color.  Browning can be a non-enzymatic browning, such as the Maillard browning that occurs between a reducing sugar and a primary amino group. Sometimes, the browning is not heat-related, but enzymatic-based.

We keep a keen eye when working with coating vegetables and fresh fruits where enzymatic browning is more likely to occur.  Another type of browning is referred to as Caramelization. Caramelization occurs with products that are high in carbohydrates under intense heat.

At IDAN, we will maximize the pH, the moisture of the batter, the overall formulation and the processing parameters, and take the guess work out of serving our customers. IDAN makes Food Science taste good.



For some clients, the substrate is oily, not crispy enough, or unevenly coated.


Proper Ingredients and Cooking Temperatures

Managing oil migration is key in the world of fried foods.  During frying, water molecules and lipid molecules get exchanged in both the substrate and the frying oil.

This exchange occurs at such rate that the final texture is not optimized. Furthermore, this exchange can be so violent that the overall coating blows off and creates undesirable voids onto the coatings network.

IDAN will design systems and process to direct the traffic of water and oils during the cooking process and reduce the likelihood of accidents during rush traffic for our franchisees. Our customers expect the same product during “slow” hours and “rush traffic” hours.




Some frozen food processors have problems with the coating falling off when the end user cooks the final product.


Ingredients, Moisture… Just Right

We addressed earlier the three areas that IDAN manages to ensure optimum coating adhesion.  Pre-cooking, cooking, post-cooking.

This addresses the critical post-cooking aspect of the product.  This is the moment where the transfer from food science to culinary excellence is most pronounced. Instances of breading falling off, bald spots, poor texture and overall sub-par eating experience.

The solution is to use the right ingredients in your batter system. IDAN will partner with you in a constructive fashion and allow you to do just that.  In many instances, our partnership is restricted to agreeing with our customer food scientist and plant manager.

We are also okay to provide that second opinion to confirm what our customers already know.  Changes in oil temperature, type of oil, selecting the right blend of oils, selecting the proper flour with the proper protein content, the proper bleaching agent with bleaching and/ or oxidizing properties.

We will advise on hydration dynamics and how to make sure all ingredients are fully functional within the batter system.

We are the company you can trust to develop and deliver customized breading and seasonings solutions of exceptional flavor and quality.


We Help Franchises Fix Fried Chicken

With over 30 years of experience of helping multi-unit franchise businesses with fried chicken product development and manufacturing, we have the capabilities to help you with your fried chicken problems. We have expert knowledge in food product development and manufacturing allowing us to create the perfect blend for you.
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