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We Develop & Manufacture Batters and Breadings for Frozen Food Processors

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Frozen Food Batters and Breadings Experts

We develop premium batters and breadings that are innovative and relevant to market trends. Our offering includes a wide range of coated frozen food favorites including chicken nuggets, tenders, patties, french fries, and a wide variety of processed frozen foods.

Our team has built multiple frozen food production lines giving us an exceptional understanding of the inherent challenges and practical strategies in developing and implementing production lines for coated frozen food products. We work to help businesses improve production results, labor processes, and lower costs, ultimately adding value to the bottom line. We commonly solve problems related to the manufacturing process, suppliers and cost reductions. We do this by engaging and consulting with clients, identifying issues and building custom solutions to food design and production problems.

In a world of adulterated ingredients and product recalls, we believe integrity and food safety are top priorities. Our suppliers go through a rigorous supplier approval process that requires all products to have finished product microbiological and pathogen testing adhering to our SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level II certification.


Case Studies

Problem: Adhesion

Some frozen food processors have problems with the coating falling off when the end user cooks the final product.

Ingredients, Moisture… Just Right

There are several possible solutions to adhesion problems. First, the ingredients in the batter system may need to be changed. Modified food starches can be added along with other various ingredients to allow for a better and more even coating of the substrate. This results in a nice even distribution of the batter or breading for frozen food products. Too much of, or too little of an ingredient can cause adhesion problems. Too much or too little moisture in the breading system can contribute to adhesion problems as well.


Insufficient Food Safety Plan

Product recalls, food born illness and evolving food safety regulations are an everyday concern for the modern-day food manufacturer.

Food Safety / Quality Assurance

We stay ahead of the curve regarding federal food safety regulations to ensure our clients do not fall victim to these issues. Our commitment to improving our SQF Level II food safety programs (including our supplier verification program, our internal risk assessments and our allergen control program) keeps your company up to date with the ever-changing rules and regulations of the food safety regulations that matter to you.


We Help Frozen Food Processors with Better Batters and Breadings

Backed by over 30 years of experience providing batters and breadings to frozen food processors, we have the experience and capability to help you with finding the exact batter/breading system for your frozen food process. With our expertise in food science and manufacturing, we understand the importance of deadlines, costs savings, and delivering the highest quality final product. These are all common problems we solve for customers on a regular basis. Food safety is our top priority. All of our products are manufactured in our SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level II certified facility. Our extensive network of suppliers/distributors gives us the flexibility to create the products that help you push your business where you want and to deliver what you need.
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